The longevity of Family

So Granddad turned 90!

90 can you believe that?

That is a very long time to live.

We went away for the weekend to a rental vacation home to celebrate Granddad’s birthday. Adults only.  It was a nice time away.  It was so interesting to sit around the table in celebration of Alex’s Granddad’s 90th. Granddads brother was there as well.  He is 88.  They are both in fine health.

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Basmati rice, the book bag. Freedoms of expression for chidren.

We love to eat basmati rice in our house.  It smells so fragrant while it’s cooking, if you haven’t tried it you really must.  We buy really large bags of the rice, about the size of a pillowcase.   We buy really large quantities of everything.  The bag actually looks like a pillowcase as it’s cloth, a similar size and it zips up across the top.  It has navy blue and red writing in arabic on the bag, the rice is imported.  This photo is an example, not the actual brand.


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Confessions of a Coffee Snob

Ok be forewarned I will sound like a complete snob here but we all have our flaws right?

So the other morning we were out of coffee.  *Gasp* As I’m sure you can imagine, the Mr. and I drink coffee to help us peel open our eyes and function in the morning.  I walk almost blindly, with my hands waving in front of me to not bang into or trip on anything (especially children that would be bad) to the espresso machine and robotically perform the same exact function every morning.

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