*Begin rant*

Where will the lives of our children be in 3 generations to come?

Way back when children used to be married off as soon as they came of age.  As soon as girls menstruated they were considered old enough to take on the day to day duties of women.  These duties included cleaning and taking care of a home and a husband.

So many before us fought to abolish this.  To let children be children for a longer time, we deemed them not capable or ready to embark on such responsibilities.

Their bodies and minds not yet fully developed enough to take on these roles and responsibilities.

Now look at us.  We are reverting back to the old ways in different ways.

Children walk around with cell phones that cost more than my basic Wall mart purchased BlackBerry.  Our young people are ‘sexting’ and 6 year olds are playing video games with over 18 ratings that are put there for a reason, they are filled with crazy violence, nudity, gore and language!!

People argue that children are more mature now and that we are preparing them for the future.  I argue that we are preparing our world for generations of people that lost their childhood, that are under prepared as they have lost the very thing that we fought to free them of.
Children have always wanted to be like their parents, like other adults, that’s why they play dress up but excuse me when I say no it IS NOT cute that your ten year old is walking around looking, talking and being treated like they are 20.

*End rant!*




  1. Amen, Jennifer! What really gets MY goat is Parents that want to be their children’s “best friends…” NO! I’m your FATHER, not your friend… you have school for them. Drives me NUTS!!!

    Kids need PARENTS, not friends.

  2. Well said! It is a constant battle and I keep reminding my children of their ACTUAL age. They seem to think they are entitled to watch things that are for older people and would literally play on any type of games console 24/7 IF I LET THEM…apparently I am a mean Mum for not allowing this, although I try to explain that ‘A good parent is not one that lets their children do whatever they want all of the time, but one who guides and sets boundaries and doesn’t always take the (short term) easier option of giving in’ . I am hoping that this will all fall into place at some point…My two and 11 and 13.

  3. Everything you ranted is true but you as the parent can control what goes on in your own home. Watch over your children’s activities, friends and computer use. There are lots of technology to parent control devices nowadays. Children will copy what you do by example and you sound like a very concerned and attentive parent who will lead your children down the right path. Praying helps especially when they reach the teens. God bless you.

  4. I dropped my 13 soon to be 14 year old daughter off at middle school the other day and both of us stopped and stared at a girl walking in to the building. The school has 6th-8th grade my daughter being in 8th and she didn’t know this girl, but we both decided that she was dressed way too…..ummmm….IMmaturely for her age. She looked like a college student looking for a good time. I told my daughter, wearing her standard jeans, t-shirt and ponytail, how much I loved her and was glad she is the way she is. She was still in staring mode so I said it several times to make sure she heard me. Yes, kids are growing up way too fast these days and when other kids stare, you know it’s a problem.

  5. I agree! My husband and I have talked about what we will do when our kid(s) reach the age where they want phones and facebook. *sigh* We may be those super strict parents that have insane rules. I think I’m okay with that.

  6. poignant point jennifer. the “techno-regression” happening is like that, like a step or 3 back to growing up twice as fast as is natural.

    Our updated way may be less direct and therefore more insidious…

    wow nice jen


  7. I refuse to allow my 10 year old daughter to have a cellphone or any online accounts. Kids these days are growing up way to fast. Let them enjoy their youth because once it’s gone they can never get it back.

  8. So true! We have also taken away there need to be creative and the joy of being outside. When we had to use our imagination and develop the ability to interact with others. I don’t know of a child that built a fort in the woods out of sticks and straw or uses a cooking pot for a helmet and a stick for a gun to play army. There brains have become atrophied. They do not know how to entertain themselves and rely solely on technology to stimulate them. Remember the song 2525?

  9. I completely agree! Kids are doing things way before their time and when they act a little TOO old then parents get upset; but the reality is that they have taught their kids to act grown and now they’re doing just that.

  10. 100% with you on this, it breaks my heart to see our children growing up before their time, this age of technology is not always the blessing most believe. My eldest is obsessed with what I call the ‘eggbox’ (xbox 360?) and tries to sneakily play games on his phone thingy (an ipod or ipad or something?) whilst waiting for a game to load! I walk in the city and see young ladies, that look barely more than girls, wearing what can only be described as a belt rather than a skirt and unflattering make-up that has them resembling… never mind what they resemble. I’m 34 and talking like an old man. I saw a very near miss yesterday, where a young lady walked in to oncoming traffic and caused an accident because she was playing on some mobile device and had headphones in. Rediculous and dangerous! What I guess I am trying to say is, I agree, you have my complete empathy on these matters. *steps down from one’s soapbox* 🙂

  11. Such a good post and great comments, you started a conversation. Most people that write on wordpress are the ones who would be like you, concerned for the way the world is affecting their children. Used to be an expression, “preaching to the choir.” We are on your side, for sure!

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more. I want my daughter to be a little girl for as long as possible. She doesn’t need a cell phone and thong underwear at 8 years old. I am afraid for her childhood.

  13. You are absolutely right. It’s time for Moms and especially Dads to stand up to pop culture and the college brainwashed “child psychologists” and tell them they’ve got it all wrong. Only parents know what’s best for children not the weirdos who never moved off campus.

  14. I am about to turn 30 this year and almost all my friends are on their second kid. When they turn 6 or so, they get cell phones or iPad minis to play games on. It’s insane. I am just glad the internet hit when I was 14 years old and not when I was born so that I could enjoy “staying out until the street lights came on”. Nice rant!

    • Agreed! Children don;t know how to be children anymore. When is the last time you saw a group of kids out side playing a pick up softball game, or a little girl playing with dolls. If they play ball now, it’s little league, or they are sitting in front of a computer playing video games. At the rate it’s going , between , email, IMs, and texting, people will forget how to converse face to face…sighhhhhh

  15. Lovely ranting, if I may say so! It’s the same reason we don’t let our 10 year old watch the Disney Channel, among other things. She doesn’t have her own cell phone, but she is permitted to use Mommy’s Kindle but only with permission. If she goes on there without authorization, she’s in deep sheep dip! Please keep up the good work!

    • Thank you.
      Well it’s important to monitor the children use.
      I remember working at a video store that rented video games and many parents let their very young children (6 years old) play with mature rated games 18 and over! They are rated as such for a reason…
      Oh, oh here I go again 😉
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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