Spring Tea, Adam’s 6 today!

ImageHere is Adam at his second birthday party.

My baby is 6 today!


Chubby bubby.  Adam was 11 pounds 5 ounces at birth

I can’t believe it, really.

ImageHe’s always been into little things, taking remote controls apart, exploring electronics and building..

Time does fly doesn’t it?


This is one of my favorite photos of ‘Boo’, Adam’s nickname, seen here playing peek a boo at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada



What a sweet boy. *sigh*

I find it a fitting day.  I have been going to the annual kindergarten Spring Tea at the children’s school for the last 6 years in a row.  We have junior and senior kindergarten here so I have been attending for Noah, Eden and Adam.  Sadly this will be my last one as a Mother but I’m so thankful that it falls  on Adam’s birthday this year.  Maybe one day I will return as a Grandmother if I am so lucky.

I have seen the school grow.  It used to be in the classroom with flowers for the parents and a full lunch.  Now they hold it in the gym.  The school is growing along with the children.

I am so thankful for the educators and teachers at my children’s school, at both the elementary and high school levels.

So away I go, tissues in hand to sit in awe of my most beautiful littlest little, his little proud eyes and grateful smile watching me as he performs the songs and poetry.

ImageAt the restaurant with Adam and Noah while Eden was at the Gymnastics Club


Parenting is bitter sweet.

I wish I could slow it down sometimes, well on the ‘good days’ anyway…. 😉

The best to you and yours…





Adam at the Spring Tea.  He lost his very first tooth this morning, on his 6th birthday, he’s been saying all week that it would fall out today.  He was right!


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