Before and After Photos because you know you love them… and more snobbery.

So we have a big clan and we needed a big house to fit all my children.  An old shoe would no longer do!


So we bought our second fixer upper.  A very spacious 8 bedroom house.  The first one is now a rental and it’s still in grave need of more fixer-uppering (I know that’s not a word, please don’t email me about it)  There are never enough hours in the day.

So welcome to my beautiful eat in kitchen! (We also have a dinning room)

ImageIsn’t it so spacious?  I know it’s great but in need of a little update? Or maybe a complete overhaul!!??
What is with the cardboard cutout kindergarten trim?  And the not even worthy of the outdoors railing stuff?…  Want to see more?


*not the gold lamee mirror at the end of the room* Some one suggested that we sell it on eBay?  Really?*
Time for out with the old…..

Image….not the Mr.  The kitchen.

I was obsessed with the renovation plans for this house, you have no idea!  Magazines made my new floor covering but then again it was better than this floor…so in came my Mr.  He ripped it all off and added this beautiful floor….


Ohhhh it’s so shiny and pretty!….

ImageThat lasted about 3 days until the kids, dogs, cats and chairs got their way with the floor.  Now we refer to it in designer language as ‘aged’ (more like beaten in)

The Mr. did all the drywall, plastering, painting, electrical, plumbing, flooring, molding etc. while I incessantly asked him…. what about this what about that?  And what about this granite or that one, what about this sink or that one? That light or this one… *sigh* I miss those days but I’m sure he doesn’t…

We had the cabinets custom built and installed along with the granite.  Mr. did the rest…

Here were some of our selections…


LOVE the shaker cabinets…and white is my favorite…so dumb with all of the finger prints and sticky hands that now cover them….but pretty matters people!

ImageI chose the biggest sink possible.  Why you may ask?  To wash all of those massive piles of dishes that you get daily?  Why no to hide them in it of course!

ImageI wanted to spend $1,500 on hardware for the kitchen…is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?  But they were so pretty….stainless and glass ….but thankfully my Mr. talked me out of it…leave it to the Mr.’s right ladies?  But these ones worked out nicely…

ImageAnd here are the lovely lights I, I mean WE chose.

See that back wall, we’ve completely blown it open. It’s so spacious and airy feeling but oh so incomplete.


I know you want to see more photos but that’s all there is for now, our home is still under construction.  We try to move faster than the destruction happens but it rarely is accomplished…

I love my Mr. He’s my Mr. everything.  I don’t know what I’d do without him.  He makes all of my dreams into a reality through his love and through his hands, building my dream family, kitchen, life etc.

This was all him with me blabbering away and questioning everything he was doing while he tried to work…
*sigh* I love real love.

Thanks for reading…


18 thoughts on “Before and After Photos because you know you love them… and more snobbery.

  1. Love that kindergarten trim. Better yet, the kitchen cabinets and the deep sink for the dishes. Clever girl. Talented Mr. I’d love to see more reno pictures. I’ve done renovations a couple of times, but never again! (How many kids do you have?)

  2. So wonderful he treats you so good! He does fabulous work too. One of those dudes that will build a house if you give him a pocket knife. 😉

  3. Best wishes with the new house and the remodel. It is looking great!! You are lucky to have a man that can fix, build and do–it is going to be wonderful!!
    I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog–it’s appreciated.
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

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