Huge money saving tip here, check it out, you know you like to save money!


SO I am going to reveal one of my hidden ways to save some big bucks.(money not prize deer)

I’m not sure how the education system works in the USA or other countries but I know this applies in Canada so you might as well give it a shot no matter where you live.

Did you know that in most high schools they have a shop class where the students learn about mechanics, auto mechanics that is.

Did you know that you can contact the school and ask to speak to the shop teacher and schedule to bring your vehicle in for free repairs, especially for tire rotation, fluid checks, flat tire repair etc.  I’m not sure to what level the individual schools will go to repair but I’ve had the power steering fixed on one of our cars, tie rods (whatever those are) etc.

You pay for the parts and that’s it.  I’ve donated half of what it would normally cost me to the school instead of paying it to some over priced mechanic.  It’s a win, win situation.

Disclaimer *sorry mechanics I know that you provide a valuable service and you have families to feed as well, my Dad was a master mechanic for heavy machinery but I just had to share this*

Now, I live in a smallish town and the schools probably take precedent for families of students that attend the school (another great reason to have tons of kids 😉 ) but the school needs vehicles for the students to work on and the teacher is obviously a mechanic that is qualified to teach so your vehicle is in good hands.


Don’t say I never did anything for you 😉  You can thank me in the comment box.

Happy Sunday


9 thoughts on “Huge money saving tip here, check it out, you know you like to save money!

  1. Ok this is thee coolest info !! I’m in Canada and I’m soo happy to see a neighbour here lol! I cannot manage my blog with two children independently, I commend you and hubby for the team effort! ALSO, I was intrigued to hear you have 8 children! A friend of mine has 7 –wait til I tell her uve got her beat! THX for great share and happy may 2-4 my fellow Canadian

  2. As a former automotive student, being able to work on a ‘real’ car as opposed to the dead vehicles that were destined for the junk yard and had been torn apart and put back together a hundred times by other students was much more fulfilling and rewarding and a huge boost to the confidence when we made a customer happy!

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