The longevity of Family

So Granddad turned 90!

90 can you believe that?

That is a very long time to live.

We went away for the weekend to a rental vacation home to celebrate Granddad’s birthday. Adults only.  It was a nice time away.  It was so interesting to sit around the table in celebration of Alex’s Granddad’s 90th. Granddads brother was there as well.  He is 88.  They are both in fine health.

ImageThe Lake House at Turtle Hill in Ontario, Canada

It’s inspiring to think of knowing someone, so close to you for so long don’t you think?

Siblings are such a special relationship.  Despite distance and possible differences they are there by your side from a young age until hopefully much later in life.

On Alex’s side both of the men on his Mothers side of the family have lived long healthy lives.

ImageAlex and Granddad a few Thanksgivings ago


In my family both of my Grandmothers are both in their mid to late 80’s.

ImageMy Grandmother and I Remembrance Day in Ottawa 2011 at the Chateau Laurier Hotel where we stayed beside Parliment Hill

I always wonder at longevity.  There really is no set model to follow to live a long life.  My grandmothers while active ladies most certainly were not the type of women to go out and jog or go to the gym.  They gardened and walked.  They both smoked at some point during their lives and both enjoyed having evening drinks.  So I am going to continue to enjoy my evening drink and keep finding excuses to not run, I’d rather walk.

ImageNoah and Eden showing Granddad how to use Daddys iphone

Cheers to family and to health.

3 thoughts on “The longevity of Family

  1. This is a lovely post. My great Grandfather lived to be 103! But he passed away a few years ago. His mind was still strong till the end but his body became weak and he was very deaf. I still remember going to his hundredth birthday where there were hundreds of people, lots of speeches and he got his letter from the queen! Can you imagine having lived so long that you know enough people that want to celebrate your birthday that you have to hire the local hall!?! I certainly can’t but I hope to someday 🙂

  2. There are no more important relationships than those of family. Congratulations to your grandparents for giving you such a valuable sense of family. You and they are truly blessed.

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