Can you read upside down?

Have you ever tried to read upside down from a slight distance?

My Mr. and I tried this the other night after he heard about a UK mystery author who claims that there is extreme value in the ability of those that can read upside down.

So my Mr. and I had to try it and he did quite well and was quite pleased with himself.

When it was my turn he decided to add the earthquake factor (shaking the paper and waving it around).   I did quite well, given the adverse conditions (better than he did)!

Why not challenge your brain, give it a try.  It is most likely a useless skill, It’s highly unlikely that you will need to secretly read documents upside down unless you are a character in some mystery novel possibly but it can be a rather fun challenge and something to get you and the partner doing something different together.

And we all love a battle of the smarts competition with the partner right? Well, at least if we win or is that just a ‘me’ thing…

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16 thoughts on “Can you read upside down?

  1. I’ve done it! This is sometimes how I read books to my daughter, is that what you mean? I hold the book so she can see it and I read it upside down.

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