School Bus Drivers * another rant, I’m on a roll*

Now I know there are many fantastic bus drivers out there *our last one for the previous four years was excellent he was an older Scottish fellow who loved the kids and they loved him, I think he might have been a bit deaf maybe that’s why he was so patient with a bus load of kids* but the one this year *deep breath* not so much.


My daughter came home crying yesterday.  When I asked her what was wrong she said the bus driver said that she was going to give her a bus report (oh my!)  I asked her why and she said it was because she asked if she could sit with a certain girl on the bus.  Figuring there was more to the story I continued to question Eden. 

Did you ask 10 times in a row? 

Do you ask every time you get on the bus? 

Did you freak out when she said no?

….No, no and no.

So I said I would talk to the bus driver in the morning.  I did. She said it was annoying to be asked the same question over and over, which I said I can relate to but I don’t feel warrants a bus report.  She proceeded to tell me that Eden was no angel.  So I stopped her there and asked her how often Eden was asking and she said once weekly!!! 

Excuse me?  Once weekly.  I don’t know about any of you other parents out there but I count it a lucky day when I don’t hear the same question from my kids ten times in a day.

I told the bus driver that I understood it might be frustrating but that it is expected behavior from children under 10, wait until they are teenagers, holy!

So Eden did not get a bus report and I did not get a police report, I kept my calm..

Seriously, my daughters not perfect?  The nerve of some people!

All eight are perfect, sweet, innocent (having a hard time keeping a straight face here) angels!


*End Rant*


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