It’s a Girl and Golf

It’s a great morning.

I had a very nice much needed date night with Mr. last night. Shopping, dinner and drinks with an open mic. with great performances, we really enjoyed it!

We arrived home after unloading our weekly $300 grocery and then some for extra milk, bread, snacks etc.  You should see the cashiers stare at our double carts…it’s too funny. 

Last night we wanted to hurry so Alex and I split up and went our separate ways, when we got to the cash we had like 4 bottles of ketchup, 4 jars of pickles and 4 jars of jam.  It was a bit more than normal but it was on sale and great minds think alike so what the heck right?

After the massive task of putting the groceries away, I saw a text message from my brother Robert. My very first niece was born last night just before midnight.

She so kindly waited leaving today’s date for Noah’s birthday- such a good girl already! 😉

So we would like to welcome Lucy Violet into our family.

Isn’t that a sweet girls name?  Alex’s cousins daughters name is Fiona Clementine.  If Adam was a girl I was going to name him Annabell…sweet, sweet, sweet!  Maybe I can convince one of the kids to name my future granddaughter it instead…muuwahaha!

I’m so pleased that my children finally have cousin number two.  Given the size of our family we have been eagerly awaiting cousins!

The biggest news (for me anyway)….Happy 9th birthday to my biggest little!

Noah is 9 today.

He will be double digits next year, I can’t believe it!

ImageNoah at 7

One of Noah’s birthday gifts is his first set of golf clubs.

He’s been asking to hit balls and use Dad’s clubs (which is a no-no) more and more lately so we thought it a good time.

Noah (@ 6) loves soccer…

Image….and being ‘in net’ HA! so punny…

and hockey…..

Image…he’s so little here! (@4)

ball hockey…

Image….Noah with the ball

So we begin the golfing journey.  Do your kids play golf? If so when did they start?

I only really got into golf a year or 2 ago. My Mr. has been playing since he was very young.  I like it if we have a cart and it can go fast enough to catch up to the drinks cart, they never can seem to though..

I think it’s a great activity  to do as a family and it’s an easy thing to grow into.  Something we can enjoy when they are all adults as well.

The same with skiing and snowboarding.  In Ontario, Canada to encourage kids to ski and snowboard and to be healthy and active in the winter students in grades 4 and 5 ski free.  We have all three little’s starting to hit that age next year so we will be starting this winter.  I love being a Canadian!

Does your family ski or snowboard?  Do you even have snow where you are?

Do your kids play golf or do you?

Tell me about it in the comment section.  I love to chat.

Best to you and yours, today and all days!



2 thoughts on “It’s a Girl and Golf

  1. Jennifer, another delightful, tender post! Happy Birthday and Congrat’s to members of your family. When my granddaughter was born, family suggested names such as, Sadie Sophia (great aunt), Emily Elizabeth (grandparent’s family)…my daughter had her own views! So, good luck with that wish! lol
    RE: the clubs- swing them and look for a Junior Membership at a Golf Club. My son started seriously golfing at age 9. Golf suited his quiet, serious personality. Through his teen years, golf kept him focussed and he met so many interesting people (young and old) through the game. For a time, he played competitively throughout the Northwest Zone. It enabled him to study on scholarship. So, swing the clubs!

    • Thanks Lynne.
      Noah loves all sports, mostly soccer and hockey but I like golf because he can grow into it. Like you mentioned it’s great for generational exposure, which is important in child rearing!
      Kids always have their own ideas don’t they?

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