A little Pink goes a long Way

When we moved into our new house almost every room needed a major overhaul.  Eden’s room did also.  We ripped up the disgusting pink, dirty carpet and we didn’t have the money to immediately replace her flooring (giving that we had to install a kitchen, bathroom, central air and gas furnace and duct work throughout the entire house!) so we bought these play floor matts that you can find at most department stores as a make shift floor.  They were on sale and the entire floor cost us maybe $50.00 (Canadian)


I also redid the dresser that you see. I replaced the hardware with cute flower knobs  ($6.00 each) and white wash painted the outside ($10 for paint) and left the drawers white.

Eden loved the pink wallpaper and the pink walls so we left it as is.

She was happy with her, pink, make shift bedroom, so, so are we!

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make rooms nice you just need to use some creativity and a little elbow grease all of which we have learned by trying to keep our large bunch of children happy.


9 thoughts on “A little Pink goes a long Way

  1. I love this! I thought about doing this to pad the downstairs tile floor for my two year-old, but he doesn’t like to keep them locked together unfortunately. I also noticed the bed by the dresser in the first picture. My son has the same! He loves this bed and so do I! I can’t wait until he’s old enough to flip it into a magical loft bed! Love the room. Hope to see more neat ideas. 🙂

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