Girls and Make Up

My girls keep asking to wear make up but I keep telling them no.  Maybe it’s because they still think this is how to put it on!!


*photo taken in bathroom mid renos*

But in all seriousness I’m curious to know your thoughts on make up. 

At what age do you think little and/or girls should start to be allowed to wear make up.   Do you have set rules and guidelines about this?

I’ve been rather lucky, none of my girls wear much make up so it hasn’t really been an issue.  My eldest daughter tried to wear it on a few days a little heavy but she was over 16 and experimenting.

My youngest Eden loves to wear make up…she wakes me up with her make up kit first thing in the morning to play…. here is a photo of one such time…Image

…notice the bright berry lipstick (free samples from Lancome etc that I get and won’t use so I let her play with…and her bruised looking purple eye shadow…lol )  Oh and please don’t notice my no make up but berry lipstick and puffy eyed face, thanks.

Also note, Eden is not permitted to wear it outside of the house, ever, aside from clearish lip gloss and nail polish.

I suppose Eden is more interested in make up because she has 3 teenaged sisters and me at home with her.

I think it’s important to teach your girls in the proper techniques to apply make up as well… so they don’t walk around looking like either of the photo examples above!



13 thoughts on “Girls and Make Up

  1. I have a seven year old boy and a five year old girl. I first made the rule of “no makeup outside of the house until your 13” rule when my son started getting into my old makeup at the age of 20 months. I allowed him to play with it, but would wash it off if we left. He grew out of that by his third birthday. My daughter also enjoys putting on makeup and I have the same rule for her, but there are , special occasions such as church, family dinner, family pictures that I will do her makeup for her. I was 13 when I started wearing makeup but since my mom never let me experiment at all prior to I looked horrible until about the age of 18.

  2. Me too! I love the photos! My girl [now 19] always had makeup fun! She also loves glitter till this day! She actually is better at makeup then I am! But she rarely wears it which is funny because she loved to play with it so much! I think it’s fun to show your daughter all you know about skin care and makeup then when you get older like me your daughter can help you with yours. 🙂

      • Not till she was in high school! She really didn’t like it by then. Isn’t that funny? She has always worn lip gloss since she was a kid, those little lip smackers like chap stick. The funny thing is I took her to the Clinique makeup counter and then lady helped her pick a shade and then she never worn it because she said it made her feel like she had on a mask. When she started getting pimples then she used it more. Maybe because I was not rigid with the rules she thought of well that’s not something I want to do. I think each girl needs her own set of personal guidelines and definitely not a one size fits all type of thing. One thing we do enjoy is painting out toenails and finger nails. I used to let her paint mine and I had somer really wild looking toes and fingers and wore them proudly. 😉 Sometimes I let her tell me what to wear and OMG it is too funny. My rear sometimes is not fitting in what she thinks. I love when I head out the door in the morning and she’ll say hey mom do you want to wear my new shirt, so I stop and put it on. I get so many compliments and I say my daughter dressed me today! She loves to hear that when I get home that I tell people that. She really has a great style and it’s actually very glamours and simple. I loved it so much I wish I had 10 more girls. LOL

    • Yes I think I started around that age as well.
      I liked the black eye liner and mascara. I remember trying to figure out how to wear it. I like that I have some tips that I can offer my girls but nowadays with You Tube and Pinterest they can find everything they need!

  3. I have a 13 yr old and 16 yr – 13 yr old is allergic and has no desire even if she wasn’t she likes the natural look – 16 is a girly girl – started being ok with it around 14 yrs but then only when we went out for special occassions

    Now at 16 I finally agreed but also showed her very natural and not to much – her friends are as well – considering at 14-15 I remember getting to school and the girls went to the bathroom and put it on – then again all “met-up” after school to wash our faces before going home – I figured it was time to say ok. So why not just teach them how, and go with them – when buy it

  4. LORD ALMIGHTY is that picture HILARIOUS!!!! My daughter is 13 (going into 8th Grade) and we have dodged the “makeup” bullet thus far. Hope it continues. She has such natural beauty, I’d hate for her to cover it up with gunk. She has the most adorable freckles. She gets those from my side of the family. I will be sad the day she starts with makeup. She still “Daddy’s little girl” for now.

    • And she still will be with make up on as well..
      The photo of Cass and Mandy, they were just up to shennanigans, they think that kind of stuff is silly fun.
      They are both fantastic make up appliers, I take some lessons from them now, bit Eden on the other hand needs a little work 🙂
      And if you mean the half asleep photo of me…shush!
      I have freckles still along with both Cass and Eden. Runs in the family.

      • I love freckles. “Angel Kisses” is what my Mom told me they were when I was a little boy. I was referring to the 1st pic of the 2 makeup artists! Priceless! I have looked tired in pics ever since my 1st child was born. 🙂

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