Root Beer or Beer, whichever Dad prefers, Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, Father’s Day is slowly approaching us.  The day my Mr. gets to sleep in until all hours of the day and have a day all about him.  He deserves it!

I have a great idea (well, I think it’s great) for a Father’s Day gift at the end of this post.

My Mr. is such a fantastic Father.  He is loving and patient, attentive and invested.  His children are his priority and I find that oh, so sexy.  Nothing like a man with kids hanging off him (preferably your own) to make your heart swoon.

Here is Alex with our teen girls, they attacked him with water (I orchestrated it…mwhahha) but it back fired when they all took aim on me (who cried, no no I have my phone…it didn’t work)

*family fun after the little’s have gone to bed*

My Mr. has a lot of patience and a lot of heart.  He always takes the time to look at what the kids want to show him, he’s always willing to play a sport, or a game or watch a dance.  He helps the teens with math homework (damn you grade 10 academic math theories that I never used again!)

This photo is a from when we brought Adams friends to Cooper Marsh for his birthday.


*Alex patiently explains to all of the little inquiring minds about paw prints*

He is always up close and personal…


*festival of lights over Christmas*

…he’s the greatest Dad I could have ever asked for, for my children.  He is an excellent role model in every way!

So here is what we are doing for his Fathers day gift this year.  My Mr. enjoys a cold beer at the end of the day and he loves specialty, imported beers from around the world.  So we are going to buy a few different ones and make a special case to put them all in.  With each country we are going to include a custom from each country that pertains to Fathers or a story of  great Father from that land and include a tag on each with the name used for Father from that country.
Image*Beer or Root Beer Sampler Case*

If your Dad or husband doesn’t like beer you could create a root beer sampler instead!

Father’s Day is a difficult day for me as my Dad passed away 4 years ago June 21st.  June 21st was Father’s Day of the year he passed.  He died on Father’s Day.  Matt and Mandy (my ‘half’ sister and brother have lived with us since that day) so Fathers Day is a mixed day for us but it gets ‘easier’ with each passing year.

So this year the beer will be enjoyed by the man I love and in a cheers of remembrance for the man we lost too soon.
Image*Matt, Alex, Mandy and I*

Happy Father’s Day

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