3 Great Ways to Use Discount Bread and $ave some money.

ImageThanks for the photo Ray! http://www.rflanaganphotography.com/bread7.html

My husband loves to bake home made bread and he’s quite good at it. While we all love a great home made loaf of bread like the above garlic rosemary that fills the house with the warm smells of fresh bakeries, there isn’t always time for that.

Today I want to talk about stale bread, or, well, almost stale bread, discount bread.

Our grocery store in town has a discount rack where you can buy bread.  There are often desserts and multiple kinds of bread; sourdough, french, nan bread etc. It is usually half price off the original cost.  While we don’t use this bread for sandwiches, we find many other uses for it.

bread, discount, sale

Given the size of our family and the massive quantities of food that we consume on a daily basis I am always looking for a good deal!

This bread can easily be used in a scrumptious ways like being turned into bread crumbs and even tastier croutons.

To make delicious home made croutons

Chop your bread into bite sized cubes.  We prefer to use multicolored bread for presentation.

Place into a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle and toss with olive oil.

Add a seasoning with whatever herb and spices you like.  We love oregano and garlic.

Then you place seasoned bread onto a cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven at 350 and bake  for 10-15 minutes.

Remove from oven and toss.

Continue to bake if they are not crispy enough.

Throw on top of a chicken ceaser salad (another family favorite) and enjoy.  My littlest enjoys just eating them as is!

To use in French Toast

The store bought discount bread is fantastic for french toast.  It absorbs the eggs and milk so well and gives a nice crispy edge.

Combine ingredients:

Beat 6 eggs (in my house more like 2 dozen)

Add: half a cup of milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of cinamin

Pour mixture into a pie plate or another flat shallow pan.

Dip 6 pieces of a discount bread into mixture, flipping to cover both sides.

Lightly butter a frying pan (or 2 large sized griddles in my house) and cook on either side until golden brown!

Slather with syrup (make it swim!) and sprinkle with brown sugar.


The last and easiest way to enjoy discount/stale bread is using it to dip into soup!

We also love to use it by making home made garlic bread with cheese!

The Nan breads are fantastic for making home made mini pizzas…

O.k.  I’m getting hungry now…

I better go and start dinner!

From my kitchen to yours,


4 thoughts on “3 Great Ways to Use Discount Bread and $ave some money.

  1. We are definitely going to try the home made croutons :)! All your favourite flavours are ours too! (we are a family with 4 kids by the way) Bye, Annette

  2. Growing up with 12 siblings, my Mom called the discount bread aisle ‘DEAD-BREAD’! LOL. We used to go through about 3 loaves of bread a day for meals. Crazy. Good times. 🙂 Thanks for the website plug. 🙂 (Garlic Rosemary bread was our #1 seller at our Farmer’s Market when I used to do it…) We grew our own garlic and rosemary. So so good! I still (to this day) make some and spread a garlic butter spread on it, freeze it, and use it for Garlic Toast when I make spaghetti for my kids. Freezes wonderfully.

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