And we’re off…

I will be away for the next 2 weeks.

It’s family time.

I will be going to the cottage with the little’s and we will all be away from the inter net.  *gasp*

I will be there by myself with the kids *bigger gasp*

(I want to give a serious shout here out of respect for single parents.  It is quite the task; managing, running and tending to a house full of children completely on your own, with no support or someone to lean on or take over when you need a moment.  It makes me almost feel bad about complaining about having to go it on my own for a few days but this is my norm and it’s what I live day in and day out)

Traveling with a lot of kids is no easy task.  The kids are pumped up and super excited to be going away!  The noise volume in my vehicle is beyond ridiculous.  It should be prohibited.  Outlawed as unsafe driving conditions!

It’s especially difficult when my ‘muscles’ and supporter is not around to lend a hand like a hand to lug around the heavy suitcases!  Or to pass things to the back seat and settle disputes, all challenging while driving and maintaining sanity.

I found this out during March Break this year when I brought the little’s to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. It’s in an indoor water park, themed after log cabins, with spas, arcades, shops, craft rooms, a magical adventure mystery hunt and more! (8 hour drive from my house).    It was my first real vacation away with the kids without the Mr.

This was our second visit to Great Wolf Lodge.  The first time we did the full package deal, food etc. included.


Let me tell you, this place is a fantastic, family resort-like get a way.  It is a little bit of heaven for little ones and super fun for the entire family!  But if you buy into the meal plan (fantastic food buffet by the way for adults and children) it can get rather pricey so this time around we prepared meals to eat in the room and left the money spending to the fun activities.  The suites have mini fridges, microwaves and sinks etc. so it makes for easy and comfortable meal preparation.  But it also requires washing dishes etc. making it not feel like such a get away after all…meal deal is the way to go!


At any rate, I’m off again.  Flying solo with the kids.  No matter the work, no matter, the madness, no matter the tears ( mine not )  Making memories for my family far surpasses any amount of sanity that I would like to maintain!

Happy start to the summer everyone, from my family to yours.  Wish me luck!

P.S.  I will have a few random posts through out the next 2 weeks that I have prepared ahead of time for you to ‘enjoy’.

*Memories at our cottage are some of our families fondest ones*

6 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. Have lots of fun! I’m ALWAYS solo, lol, but I’m getting ready to embark on a vacation with my 3 little ones (well one is not so little, my 10 year old son, he’s almost the size of a football player) next month! Best of luck! 🙂

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