Pancake art!


One of my favorite parts of being back home with the Mr. is his fantastic pancake art skills!

Fun in the Summer Sun



We are having an amazing time at the cottage and in Magog.
Shadow tag at the beach in the early summer sunset.
See you all in a week!
Take Good Care!

Pinterest Success and Failures

Have you ever tried anything from Pinterest, a craft or a recipe?  I’ve tried many different things and half of the things worked out wonderfully and the other half, not so much.

Here’s an example.

For Eden’s 7th birthday we had a winter wonderland P.J birthday party (her birthday is in Dec.)

Some of the ideas worked our quite nicely like these full sized chocolate bars wrapped and decorated to look like snow men.

ImageI love was so sad to see them all ripped open… Continue reading

Is your relationship a priority?

So we are off! I am going away for the weekend with the Mr. *does a happy dance*


We go away 4 times a year, even if it’s just for a night at a hotel or a weekend alone at the cottage.  Last year we went away for 7 days to the cottage.  That was a real treat! I cherish our weekends away.  The time seems to just fly by.  I chose to share my life with Alex.  I’m so glad that I did. Continue reading