Is your relationship a priority?

So we are off! I am going away for the weekend with the Mr. *does a happy dance*


We go away 4 times a year, even if it’s just for a night at a hotel or a weekend alone at the cottage.  Last year we went away for 7 days to the cottage.  That was a real treat! I cherish our weekends away.  The time seems to just fly by.  I chose to share my life with Alex.  I’m so glad that I did.

If you are married or in a live in relationship with children do you take time away with your partner?  Do you have a regular date night?

Alex and I tend to go out once weekly sometimes once per two weeks.  Mind you we have built in babysitters.  Our teenage daughters just hang out and watch movies and we head out when the little’s are in bed or close to it.  We pay them to babysit most of the time so it’s a win-win.  My daughters are awesome girls.  Smart, sweet, funny, caring, helpful and fun to be around.

ImageCassandra, 16 Grade 10


Mandy, 16 Grade 10


Nikki 17, Grade 11

I’m often asked how we ‘do it’.  By doing it people mean manage such a busy, hectic, active, demanding life style.

For me it is my time away with Alex.  Our time away recharges my batteries, reminds me why our life is the way that it is, centers me and fills my love tank so it can overflow to the children. I like the example that we are setting for our children, that your couple love and partner are also a priority not only the children.  I know that my teen girls see that and appreciate it.  I know they also know I will be an awesome Grandmum to their children one day and that Alex and I will be there to help them with their little ones and their relationships one day.

If you want leave me some comments about your perspective on relationships, time spent, date night and priorities.  I will read them Monday when I return.

Happy weekend and be well!


11 thoughts on “Is your relationship a priority?

  1. It makes me happy seeing a couple who appreciate, respect and LOVE each other. It is crucial to the LIFE of the MARRIAGE. Good for both of you. Wish every marriage had that.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Many couples have spent thousands of $$ on marriage counseling because they didn’t learn that lesson early. They put their children ahead of each other only to find out too late that it was not the correct way to do things. I’ve been around that block too many times. My current husband and I are fixin to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversay. I’ve been married before but never for that long! We have put each other FIRST! Fortunately, all seven of our “blended” children have been supportive of us in our endeavors to keep love alive in our relationship and to take downtime when needed. It has been even more important since we began taking care of his bedfast 92 yr. old mother and were forced into semi-retirement. Every week we take 3 hours on Saturday to just go “antiquing”. And every 30 days, we get 5 days of respite to plan a little excursion. We are going to Dallas next month for some shopping etc; In the past we have rented a cabin in Broken Bow, OK, gone to Hot Springs, AR for some sight seeing and enjoyed a “spa weekend” after running a 5k in Corpus Christi, TX. Yay, for couple time!!

  3. There is no higher form of human happiness then that which is attainable through the sacrament of marriage. There is nothing denied the couple. Everything is theirs for the taking and the love is theirs alone, for eternity. Everyone in their sphere of influence benefits, especially the couple themselves. Plus, it’s great FUN too!
    My husband and I never missed an opportunity to go off alone, together.
    Hope you had a wonderful time.

  4. I am only following a few blogs and out of the five new post two of them were about going on dates with their husbands! My husband has a five day weekend coming up and I think I am going to get a babysitter for a night out for the two of us!
    I love your blog =)

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