Pinterest Success and Failures

Have you ever tried anything from Pinterest, a craft or a recipe?  I’ve tried many different things and half of the things worked out wonderfully and the other half, not so much.

Here’s an example.

For Eden’s 7th birthday we had a winter wonderland P.J birthday party (her birthday is in Dec.)

Some of the ideas worked our quite nicely like these full sized chocolate bars wrapped and decorated to look like snow men.

ImageI love was so sad to see them all ripped open…

 We saw this one idea that I thought would be fun for the living room.  You buy a bunch of plastic party tablecloths in different colors and tape them to the ceiling, giving a kind of circus feel.  We decided to get this project up and ready the night before the party since we had a feeling that it would take some time… This did not go over well…. We tried using masking tape, that didn’t hold well enough, then we tried using some grey duct tape…that held or so we thought.  We came down the next morning and the entire thing was on the floor with both cats jumping, rolling and shredding it all up…and the ceiling had tons of sticky grey spots from where the tape was (we actually had to repaint the ceiling it was that bad) all for nothing….so that failed!


This is looking straight up at the ceiling

We also tried to make elf shoes out of napkins, that turned out nicely and they were really cute.

ImageI look like Vanna White holding these don’t I? 

 One of my favorite ideas that we didn’t get a chance to use as it turned out to be a rainy mild day in December, was filling balloons with food colored water and letting them freeze, you then remove the balloon and line the drive way or walkway with them, they look like glass, colored Christmas ornaments.  Sorry I didn’t get a photo of those since we couldn’t use them…

The last idea from Pinterest, was the water bottles, we relabeled them with stickers that read “Melted Snowman Juice” I was surprised at how many children we had to explain to what this meant. (encase you don’t get it, a snow man melted would be water…)

ImageI blew the candles out before the kids arrived, it was to make the house smell festive

 We made rainbow fruit kabobs (also from Pinterest) they were fantastic and looked beautiful.  We had Christmas Crackers that you snap and get prizes, tissue hats and jokes out of.  I warned the kids that it would make a loud popping sound but some of them were a little terrified….Oops..


Eden heard all the ‘all you want for Christmas is your 2 front teeth’ jokes over Chrsitmas

So we had 26 friends over for Eden’s birthday party.  The girls (my teen girls) wore Santa’s hats and they were Eden’s little helpers and we all had a fantastic, exhausting time.

Pinterest helped give me great ideas that I would not otherwise have thought of and also made this little girls birthday party that much better.

So you may be asking why am I sharing this now.  Everybody loves Christmas in July parties and really for 2 reasons, to ask you all to join me on Pinterest so you can see all of the things that I love from interior design, to food and drink ideas and the like but so that I can also follow you and see what things you love.

But the real reason is we sit 4 days away from Adam’s 6th birthday party that we are holding at Cooper Marsh, a marsh land with a boardwalk where we are having an animal themed party with animal themed costumes and an animal parade for 20 all by the request of my little guy.

So here we go again, to the extremes of making wonderful parties with details that are more geared for us parents to enjoy and ‘wow’ over, in hopes that it will make for the most memorable of birthdays for our children.

*All this while feeling super sick, I should have known that Why Won’t my Kids get Sick post would come back to haunt me….*


13 thoughts on “Pinterest Success and Failures

  1. My Mum always made sure we had amazing birthday parties as well. Those memories have stuck with me and they will do forever. It’s a great thing to do for your kids! So many amazing happy memories! 😀

  2. I’m a Pinterest addict. My “craft” ideas never turn out like they photos. I’m just not gifted in that area. I do better with the recipes, if they are not supposed to look like something crafty.

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