Coffee, Cookies and Cocktails?

Well hello there!!

Long time no see!

I’ve returned, do you want to know why?

…because….Image*Does a Little happy dance…*

Although part of me is elated to have some quiet time in the house, back to sipping morning coffee and nibbling on a cookie and taking some time to be able to write….

..the other part of me is already missing the constant hustle and bustle of the hum of my family.

My littlest little, Adam, is starting grade one today.

Last night we all sat around the dinner table and shared with him our experiences and fond memories and stories of our grade one experience.  Then Adam asked us all of the things he wanted to know about grade one and we shared with him what he could expect of the first day and of grade one in general.

I feel confident that he is prepared and all of his concerns were addressed.

How do you prepare your kids for the first day back to school?

Do you start to have an earlier bedtime the week before?

Do you discuss what fears the children may have?  etc.

Communication is so important in a family and always sitting down to dinner together gives the perfect time to have a relaxed (well hectic and loud in my household..) time to share.


So excuse me please as I return to my coffee and cookie and consider the possibility of an early afternoon cocktail this afternoon…why?  Because I CAN!



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