Teenaged surgery…

So my eldest baby girl, Nikki (17) is going in for surgery on Monday morning she will be in the hospital for 2 days.

She has asymmetrical enlarged tonsils with no indication of infection (mono, strep, tonsillitis etc.)  They will be removing them and then doing a biopsy to see if there are any abnormal cells….

Needless to say I’m a little bit of a mess.  Playing it cool and strong for her but really I’m feeling rather weak and vulnerable.

This quote is more for me than anyone else right now!


Any tips or pointers out there from other parents that have gone through medically stressful situations with their young adults?

Any tips or pointers to share would be grateful.

Keep us in your thoughts this week please.



23 thoughts on “Teenaged surgery…

  1. Hang in there mommy. I don’t have any similar experiences. My son broke his wrist when he was twelve and I cried like a baby. The nurses laughed at me. I have no spine. 🙂 Good luck to both of you. Tonsillectomies are like gift from heaven for people with tonsil problems.

  2. I have been through many experiences with my son and all I can say is that I know what you are going through. You just have to trust in the doctors and believe in what they say and know that she is in the best hands. I am sure that it will all turn out well and you will be in my thoughts. Good luck to you all.

  3. All my children are still under 6 and I have not experienced what you are going through. My little boy had apnoea as a baby and stopped breathing on several ocassions and that is by far the scariest thing I have ever gone through as we never knew when it might happen. I really feel for you, fear of the unknown is not nice. Your quote is lovely. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you vibes of good luck and strength. Try and focus on one day at a time as hard as it may be and try not to dwell on the negatives however difficult that may be. I know its not much in the way of advice but it really did help me through my hardest times. Please let us know how she gets on.

  4. You can’t beat honest discussion, even if you are being honest about things tradition says our kids shouldn’t see like our fears or flaws. At least my own teenager seems to appreciate that sort of thing. Good luck to you both!

  5. Parenting has its pleasures and pains. Prayers cover both. Give your fears to God. It will help both of you through this difficult experience. Good luck and God bless.

  6. What a tough situation. If only you knew and the waiting was over. The odds are very much against this being anything to worry about. So do the maths and stay away from google!
    Your daughter will take all her cues from you. So go off with friends and worry and vent so you can be strong as a house at home.
    Remember do the maths. Until you know anything else your daughter is fit and well. I hope you get the results quickly and all returns to normal real soon. Hugs.

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  8. My daughter isn’t a teen but due to many medical issues, we have spent alot of time in the hospital for various reasons. I recommend bringing things to keep you busy during her surgery. Cards, games on your phone, someone available to go with you….. It makes time go by quicker. Also, bring a drink and snacks. There is something about the wait during surgery that brings on a ravaging thirst. If you want to calm your nerves, talk to people who have had this procedure and they will be happy to put your mind at ease about everything. Make sure your daughter brings more than she thinks she will need. Books, magazines, comfy pjs, slippers, lotion and other “feel good” products, games, laptop, DVDs, CDs, etc. you never know what you’ll want and not want when cooped up in a hospital room so it’s best to over prepare. Most hospitals allow nail polish also. What better way to take your daughters mind off of things than a full treatment pedicure? 🙂 hope this helps. Doctors are incredible. Your daughter will be ok, and it will all be a memory soon.

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