When was the last time you made a new friend?



Don’t you love it when you meet someone that you really click with?  You know, that friend that you meet and you just know that you are going to hit it off with a fondness that will last for many years to come.


But don’t you love it even more when your hubby or significant other hits it off with their significant other too?  It’s so fantastic since we all know it isn’t as easy to have the couples hit it off and it sure as hell is much easier to make time for friends when your partners hit it off too, am I right?

But the icing on the cake is when you have children, approximately the same age that also completely hit it off!!

When the entire family is thrilled and excited to spend time with the other family.

There is nothing more frustrating then having to spend time at play dates and the like with other families and or parents that you would rather not spend your time with but we do it any way for the children and their socialization needs.


This past summer while camping our family met the ‘best family’, our new friends…. First the kids hit it off on the beach and then we adults introduced ourselves with some small talk and common parenting bonding next thing you know it we are all roasting marshmallows in our jammies and setting plans to meet up the next morning…


The kids spent hours collecting beer and pop bottle caps from around the beach, (It’s  a provincial park that people come to and pay for spending the day) campsites and spent many more hours washing them, trading them and cherishing them.  (Oh the beautiful, creative and easy moments of entertainment that children provide for themselves) and therefore freeing up time for us adults to lay around admiring them and getting to know one another more.


The best part was that this family lives 5 hours away from us in the same area of the city as my Mother and brother, making visits that much more convenient.

The second visit after making a new friend is critical.  It really seals the deal and the sooner you can do it after meeting, the better.

Do you often make new friends?  How and where do you tend to make the most new friendships?

13 thoughts on “When was the last time you made a new friend?

  1. Another great place to meet families – church! We have met many families just as you describe: my husband & I click with the parents, and our children form friendships with their children. Some of our friendships have been going strong for 10-12 years!

  2. I met up with an old friend from high school who I didn’t realized lived in the same town with kids around the same age! its been nice having play dates – the kids get along, and we instantly connected like old times. but the hubbys have not hit it off 😦

  3. Yes! Totally. I reconnected with an old friend from high school and realized they lived in the same town with kids same ages group! Kids get along great and our friendship sparked like old times. So playdates are great. But, the hubby’s have not hit it ofd yet :/ and we’ve hung out a couple of times. Making friends is so hard when your a mom. -Georgia

  4. I have a few friends with kids the same age that I met online actually. We were all part of the same online community when we were pregnant and it just so happened that we lived really near each other. I’m so thankful for all of them. Unfortunately after I had my daughter a lot of my older friendships have kind of fizzled because those friends don’t have kids. It’s tough to find common ground with them now.

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