Let your creative ‘fruit’ juices flow…

So I think I’ve hit the jack pot here.

I have been searching far and wide for the right opportunity to score major Mommy of the Year points with my little ones (yes, I want to make my children happy…) and I know, that I have found a winner!  My daughter will go absolutely nuts if I present her an orange shaped like this…..



We will be having major  quantities of fresh squeezed fruit juices and fruit salad over the next few days while I attempt to create even some kind of semblance to a cat, which is highly unlikely but I’m sure I will score even more Mommy of the Year points (in my own mind anyway) for even attempting this….


…….or this……


And my little guy will love this one, his favorite fruit is kiwi…..


How darn cute are these??!!

Well, cheers to my trying, I will keep you posted to how they turn out.   If all goes well I will have some moldy and much treasured pieces of fruit displayed on my children’s dressers because they were too darn cute to eat… (yes, that did sound weird but you get my point..)

*This disclaimer is to acknowledge that yes, there will be many fruits that will have to be sacrificed and harmed in my attempts to make these fruit animals…please don’t judge me…*


♥♥…..every little girl loves her Mummys shoes, be aware of how well you fill your own….♥♥

2 thoughts on “Let your creative ‘fruit’ juices flow…

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