Read to your children..


… makes a world of difference…..


11 thoughts on “Read to your children..

  1. My Dad was big on reading to us and it’s one of the fonder memories that I have. In fact I can thank Dad for teaching me to read although he was probably never aware of the impact he had on me.

  2. I love this quote. I wish all the best for you and your family! I’m planning on to read a lots of fairy tales to my kiddoes, if I’m someday lucky enough to become a mom.

  3. Reading was the best – my dad made all kind of fun voices. I think my strongest memory was of him reading The Wind in the Willows to us.

    BTW, I love that you spell your name Jenn for short. I do that too since that was more common in Canada where I grew up than the “one N Jen”. Just seems more … finished!

  4. You are so right…”it makes a world of difference”….I read to all three of my sons regularly when they were growing up…I loved every minute of it–even though some nights I just wanted to sleep! Oh the Adventures we read and had!

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