How do you feel about this idea?


Oh, imagine the possibilities…
XBOX-2/PS3-4/Wii-U plugs, laptop/computer/ipad/ipod/phone chargers/power cords
even hair straighteners and blow dryers, heck even the entire TV!

Is it wrong of me to be excited to see this plan in action and the reaction it will get?

6 thoughts on “How do you feel about this idea?

  1. I love this! Actually, I sort of do something similar with my son’s laptop. When he gets home from school, he has some chores to do. After he’s done tin them, he calls me and I tell him where his laptop is. I have too many hiding places for him to search, so it’s just easier to do the chores. Occasionally, just to keep him honest, I’ll leave a note in the location that reads something like “Psych! It’s not really here! It’s actually under the couch. But which one?” I might as well be entertained too, right?

  2. Thank you for asking! I shared a few thoughts on this some time ago when I first came across this picture. From a developmental perspective I have very big issues with this sort of thing.

    For me it’s not so much a matter of this ‘brilliant idea’ being right or wrong, it is more a matter of perspective and what we as parents are hoping to achieve in the long run. We need to ask ourselves what we really want. Are the parenting practices that we use today going to help us to grow our children up to become the adults that we hope they will someday become…or is this short term quick fix approach to change their behaviour inadvertently working against our long term hopes for them?

    If you’d like to know more about what I think, I invite you to visit me here

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