It’s National Hug Day Today!

It’s National Hug Day today!

We love hugs in our household.

Even our veggies like to hug!

carrots, hugging, carrot, plant, hug

The carrot hug


The Squish Adam Hug

The Little’s/Little One’s/Younger 3 aka. Noah, Adam and Eden they are always up for a good hug


The Aren’t we Adorable Hug

Eden, Noah and I


The She’s Growing Up Hug

Cassandra and I (back in my blonde days)


The Best Friends for Life Line Hug

Simi with my daughters Nikki and Cassandra and my adopted sister/daughter Mandy.


The We Love this Stuffed Dead Animal Hug

Edens face is not dirty, just hot.  She had face painted whiskers on that sweat away!


The My Daddy is the Greatest Hug

The Thanksgiving lunch at school with Eden in S/K and Adam in J/K


The Frisky Hug

Gotta love the old photo booths!


The I’m Hugging You because I want to Throw You Into the Pool Hug

Cass and Mandy, hugged poolside.


The Look Mom it’s Mica Skype Hug

Eden and Mica.

Whatever way you prefer to hug be sure to give out a lot of them today and every day for that matter.

free hugs, hug, sand, footprints

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