Love your Mug


The time is nearing, cooler evenings.  The time for sweaters and scarves.  Knit mittens and playing in the crisp leaves.  Warming up around the fire. Continue reading

Gardening..a little *ranting* goes a long way

girl, flower, sweet, garden

I had coffee and cookies for breakfast.

You know why because I wanted to!

The house was finally empty after a busy, loud house full this weekend.

The Mr. and I got the dreaded yard work done.

Mowing, trimming, sweeping, tidying the barrage of toys and sports equipment etc left around from the children, balls and pool noodles on the trampoline…

and gardening, Uggg.

I hate gardening!

Yes, I know it’s a strong word, that’s what I tell my children when they use it, don’t use the word hate unless you really mean it, well I DO!  Continue reading

Confessions of a Coffee Snob

Ok be forewarned I will sound like a complete snob here but we all have our flaws right?

So the other morning we were out of coffee.  *Gasp* As I’m sure you can imagine, the Mr. and I drink coffee to help us peel open our eyes and function in the morning.  I walk almost blindly, with my hands waving in front of me to not bang into or trip on anything (especially children that would be bad) to the espresso machine and robotically perform the same exact function every morning.

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Huge money saving tip here, check it out, you know you like to save money!


SO I am going to reveal one of my hidden ways to save some big bucks.(money not prize deer)

I’m not sure how the education system works in the USA or other countries but I know this applies in Canada so you might as well give it a shot no matter where you live.

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