A little Pink goes a long Way

When we moved into our new house almost every room needed a major overhaul.  Eden’s room did also.  We ripped up the disgusting pink, dirty carpet and we didn’t have the money to immediately replace her flooring (giving that we had to install a kitchen, bathroom, central air and gas furnace and duct work throughout the entire house!) so we bought these play floor matts that you can find at most department stores as a make shift floor.  They were on sale and the entire floor cost us maybe $50.00 (Canadian)

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Before and After Photos because you know you love them… and more snobbery.

So we have a big clan and we needed a big house to fit all my children.  An old shoe would no longer do!


So we bought our second fixer upper.  A very spacious 8 bedroom house.  The first one is now a rental and it’s still in grave need of more fixer-uppering (I know that’s not a word, please don’t email me about it)  There are never enough hours in the day.

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