Look What my Lovely Sister in Law made From my Yard!

strawberry cake, rhubarb, juice, sauce, jamStrawberry Rhubarb Cake, Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit salad, Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit Compte, Juice and soon to be jam!

If there is one woman in my life that I would have to choose that inspires me it would hands down be my sister in law Viv.  She has such a big heart and she is so giving to the community and the youth in our area.

She is also fantastic in the kitchen and can decorate a room in no time.  She makes every event special.  She takes the time and care to not only make a room and the food presentation look beautiful she always leaves behind a little special touch of herself. Continue reading

And we’re off…

I will be away for the next 2 weeks.

It’s family time.

I will be going to the cottage with the little’s and we will all be away from the inter net.  *gasp*

I will be there by myself with the kids *bigger gasp* Continue reading

3 Great Ways to Use Discount Bread and $ave some money.

ImageThanks for the photo Ray! http://www.rflanaganphotography.com/bread7.html

My husband loves to bake home made bread and he’s quite good at it. While we all love a great home made loaf of bread like the above garlic rosemary that fills the house with the warm smells of fresh bakeries, there isn’t always time for that. Continue reading

A little Pink goes a long Way

When we moved into our new house almost every room needed a major overhaul.  Eden’s room did also.  We ripped up the disgusting pink, dirty carpet and we didn’t have the money to immediately replace her flooring (giving that we had to install a kitchen, bathroom, central air and gas furnace and duct work throughout the entire house!) so we bought these play floor matts that you can find at most department stores as a make shift floor.  They were on sale and the entire floor cost us maybe $50.00 (Canadian)

Image Continue reading

It’s a Girl and Golf

It’s a great morning.

I had a very nice much needed date night with Mr. last night. Shopping, dinner and drinks with an open mic. with great performances, we really enjoyed it!

We arrived home after unloading our weekly $300 grocery and then some for extra milk, bread, snacks etc.  You should see the cashiers stare at our double carts…it’s too funny.  Continue reading

Huge money saving tip here, check it out, you know you like to save money!



SO I am going to reveal one of my hidden ways to save some big bucks.(money not prize deer)

I’m not sure how the education system works in the USA or other countries but I know this applies in Canada so you might as well give it a shot no matter where you live.

Continue reading

Why I wish my kids would get sick already! *mini rant*

While I would never in my wildest dreams wish any kind of illness or sickness upon my children, sometimes I wish they would get sick already!?

Why you might ask?

My family is very healthy.  Very rarely does anyone get a sniffle, which might seem surprising given the size of our family.  I am not a germ-a-phobe.  I do not run around after the children with Clorox Disinfectant Wipes to keep the house clean and germ free (although I do use them when I decide to clean the house and they work well) I didn’t make people wash their hands before holding the children as babies. Continue reading