Cheater, cheater, pumkin eater….

The Adult Halloween Party

Given that Halloween is slowly but surely creeping up on us I thought I might share with you some of my favorite DIY ideas for this years Halloween!

First let’s start off with the grown up version of Halloween.

Here is my idea for my costume this year…

Image…..comic book costume. 

Isn’t it an awesome costume?

And a grown up party wouldn’t be complete with out some decorations and treat ideas…

ImageCreative table setting with out overkill… Continue reading

Summer Solstice is upon Us! Let’s have a Drink to Celebrate Summer




So my friend Sebastian J. Mehenka created this lovely drink that I thought I might share with you all to cheers in the first day of the summer.

His Mother thinks it should be called ‘Sapphire Somersby’.

Sebastian thinks it should be called ‘Ocean’.

I think it should be called ‘Somersby’s Summer Solstice’  Continue reading