Is your relationship a priority?

So we are off! I am going away for the weekend with the Mr. *does a happy dance*


We go away 4 times a year, even if it’s just for a night at a hotel or a weekend alone at the cottage.  Last year we went away for 7 days to the cottage.  That was a real treat! I cherish our weekends away.  The time seems to just fly by.  I chose to share my life with Alex.  I’m so glad that I did. Continue reading

Stop Talking and Communicate!

My Mr. and I we talk, a lot.   And we talk a lot with each other.  I know a lot of you are thinking, well that’s great, communication is a building block or even the main foundation of a good relationship and that is true.

But sometimes a little quiet is nice too.   You know how they say (who is ‘they’ anyway…?) you know you are really comfortable with someone when you can sit in a room together and be quiet together with out it being awkward?  Well that never happens with us, unless we are watching a movie, playing a video game, mad at each other or the kids are around etc. (which covers most of everyday..)

I love our conversations and I wouldn’t change it for a minute, well except the time I changed it for five…let me tell you about it.

The other night we did our evening retreat to the bedroom, hiding ourselves away for a few minutes of quiet time and my Mr. started talking about work.  Normally I pay full attention but I think I just wanted some peace and quiet and I was feeling bored by work talk.

Image Continue reading

It’s a Girl and Golf

It’s a great morning.

I had a very nice much needed date night with Mr. last night. Shopping, dinner and drinks with an open mic. with great performances, we really enjoyed it!

We arrived home after unloading our weekly $300 grocery and then some for extra milk, bread, snacks etc.  You should see the cashiers stare at our double carts…it’s too funny.  Continue reading

Can you read upside down?

Have you ever tried to read upside down from a slight distance?

My Mr. and I tried this the other night after he heard about a UK mystery author who claims that there is extreme value in the ability of those that can read upside down.

So my Mr. and I had to try it and he did quite well and was quite pleased with himself. Continue reading

Gardening..a little *ranting* goes a long way

girl, flower, sweet, garden

I had coffee and cookies for breakfast.

You know why because I wanted to!

The house was finally empty after a busy, loud house full this weekend.

The Mr. and I got the dreaded yard work done.

Mowing, trimming, sweeping, tidying the barrage of toys and sports equipment etc left around from the children, balls and pool noodles on the trampoline…

and gardening, Uggg.

I hate gardening!

Yes, I know it’s a strong word, that’s what I tell my children when they use it, don’t use the word hate unless you really mean it, well I DO!  Continue reading