Gardening..a little *ranting* goes a long way

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I had coffee and cookies for breakfast.

You know why because I wanted to!

The house was finally empty after a busy, loud house full this weekend.

The Mr. and I got the dreaded yard work done.

Mowing, trimming, sweeping, tidying the barrage of toys and sports equipment etc left around from the children, balls and pool noodles on the trampoline…

and gardening, Uggg.

I hate gardening!

Yes, I know it’s a strong word, that’s what I tell my children when they use it, don’t use the word hate unless you really mean it, well I DO! 

I have no idea how people think gardening is ‘relaxing or leisurely!’


Snuggling on a couch (I should have went with writing sofa Mrs instead of writings of a Mrs!) reading a book is relaxing or sitting by the fire with a drink and friends is relaxing.

Gardening is not.

Even with gardening gloves, I get poked by the rose bushes, run into random bugs and worms Ewww, trip over rakes, I STILL get dirt under my nails even with gloves, I try to pull out the dreaded new little trees that seem to pop up everywhere and fall over while doing it, Alex throws dirt from his area of the garden on to my flip flopped toes (and I see his little smirk afterwards….) ruining my pedicure…

So I will say it again, I hate gardening.  There are so many things that I have to do in life that I really dislike but I do it anyway like a good wife and Mother but when the house is empty on Monday mornings, I have my coffee and COOKIES for breakfast and take a moment for me…

Oh and just for the record we had a fire that night after gardening when the little’s were in bed with the yard looking pristine, so…I’m glad we did it…


15 thoughts on “Gardening..a little *ranting* goes a long way

  1. Lol, I love to be in the garden doing things. It never feels like work. I do love some good writing on the sofa though 😉

  2. I just recently discovered the “joys” of gardening myself. Hopefully I can at least keep the flowers alive so that it was not all for nothing. 🙂
    Cookies and coffee sound really good right now.

  3. Gardening is my therapy. Lots cheaper than a shrink! I even think about doing it at night to relax me to sleep. I don’t use gloves. I love the feel of the dirt in my hands!

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