No more browning apples for lunch.

This is about a year or so too late for my gang, although I still cut up their apples after school because they prefer it that way and also because they do get wiggly teeth that make it hard to bite into apples.

But I cannot be alone when I say; I have no idea how many apples I have cut up and continue to cut up, for children, in my lifetime! They’ve come around to eating the peel *yes*.  I used to have to core, peel and slice 10 apples, easily a day for my family! 

It is also extremely frustrating when I go through the hassle (yes, it’s a hassle, this is a fruit that should be easily prepared, just thrown into the lunches and you’re ready to go plus, it’s healthy!! It should be that simple! Give a Mum a break!)and these cut up apples (yes, that I squeezed some lemon juice on..) came back home from school, uneaten because the were…..BROWN! (in children-ese: ewwwwww!!)

This is brilliant.

Slice the apples, keep the core. Sprinkle the exposed flesh side of the apple with lemon juice or whatever acidic taste your kids prefer and then put it back together with the rubber band and send it to school.

(DISCLAIMER: be sure to advise your children NOT to shoot rubber bands at their classmates…)..

This will also work for all of you who like your apples cut up too, not just children,*sheesh*,

(DISCLAIMER: do not shoot fellow co-workers or most especially, bosses, with elastic bands)

Place the apple in a plastic baggie or a reusable container, whichever method you prefer, est Voila!

You’re welcome.

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