A little something-something on the side.

ribbon, mom of the year award, 1st place

I have this imaginary game I play with myself called Mom of the Year and every time I do something I know will ‘wow’ the kids I give myself some imaginary ‘points’ and this gets me excited!  I love that the only person I am competing with is myself.

This will give me points even after they’ve left home!

I came across a web site with these fantastic recipes for convenient meals that you can prepare on the weekend.   Weekdays you grab a meal out of the fridge or freezer and throw it all in the crock pot.   It takes the worry and stress out of a parents concern on whether your family will be eating healthy meals at night especially with the many unforeseen time hampers during the busy workweek like unexpected stops at the wine store.

To check out the awesome crock pot recipes and bag prep visit Mommy’s Fabulous Finds

Since I currently stay home I don’t have much of an issue with this.

What it did get me thinking about is my many teenagers that are soon to embark on moving on with their lives *tear* and attending college and university (some of them will stay close’ish’ to home – an hour or 2 car ride away but still wanting the ‘full college experience’ aka freedom, aka dorm, aka big bucks *tear*)

I’ve decided that when the time comes and I am preparing these kinds of meals for the family members still at home I will make extra single sized portions and freeze them in freezer bags (we’ll see how long this lasts…) and when I visit the kids I can bring them a little bit of home.



Click on the photo to visit Mommy’s Fabulous Finds and get the 8 fantastic recipes and the how to!

They can just throw the meal in a single serve crock pot (guess what the teens are all getting for Christmas next year…) and head off to school while arriving to a nice smelling ‘home’ and warm meal with fond memories of their REAL home and a phone call from their mother *more tears* because of course that’s what every young adult wants right?  Well, maybe minus the phone call, even the fond memories bit but the food? They will appreciate that, I’m sure.


I think this idea will get me many Mom of the Year points and just the thought of doing it makes me happy.


That is one of the things that life is all about… making your kids and loved ones happy with the little things…the thoughtful things…the things that show them you are thinking about them, love them, care, even after they leave home. *tear*

5 thoughts on “A little something-something on the side.

  1. This is a great idea! Your college children will appreciate you for thinking of them. The bonus will be when their friends can smell the wafting aromas of a home cooked meal and tell your kids “You have the BEST MOM”! 😀

  2. I’d have been jealous is someone I knew had a mom that did that for them! Beats school cafeteria food any day!! I think it’s a fantastic idea and while I don’t want to think of my kids (5 & 3) going off to college just yet…. Iove this and hope I remember this to do for them some day!!! 🙂

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